Gone too soon

Margaret Morrison had seven illegitimate children to three (or possibly only two) different fathers. Her story begins in Aberdeen in northern Scotland in 1864.[1] Her mother, Annie Hatt, died in 1874, at the age of 37,[2] of Tuberculosis. At this time her seven children were aged between two and fifteen years of age.[3]  Margaret was ten.

Being the eldest girl, the mothering would have automatically fallen to Margaret, the only other girl was aged two. We can only speculate about how it must have felt for Margaret to lose her mother and at the same time have such responsibility thrust upon her.

Margaret’s first illegitimate child Alice was born ten years later in Edinburgh in 1884.[4] and her life was irrevocably changed by the birth of that child. Could it be, however, that it was the loss of her mother at such a young age, that set Margaret on a collision course with her fate?

Margaret lived most of her life as the servant of the father of five of her seven children.


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